Enabling innovation for Guimba farmers

In an endless expanse of gold and green along the plains of Guimba, rice farmers are working double time work on the fields. To them, the exposure to the sizzling summer heat is just a small price to pay for their long-awaited fruits of labor.  This cycle’s harvest is pivotal for the farmers: the current […]

Collab eyed to sustain value chains in Sultan Kudarat

Collab eyed to sustain value chains in Sultan Kudarat

Situated in the southwestern part of Mindanao, the municipalities of Lebak and Kalamansig in Sultan Kudarat are known for their rich natural resources. Their land is ideal for agriculture; it is seldom reached by strong typhoons; and these towns border the Moro Gulf, one of the major fishing grounds in the country.  Despite these advantages, […]

Fr. Jovic Lobrigo

PEF welcomes new Board member

Rev. Fr. Jose Victor E. Lobrigo or Fr. Jovic is the newest Board Member of the Peace and Equity Foundation as representative of the Luzon NGO networks/coalitions, following the confirmation of the General Assembly on March 31, 2022. Fr. Lobrigo is the Chairperson of Simon of Cyrene Community Rehabilitation Development Foundation, which advocates for inclusivity […]

Guimba stakeholders pledge support to rice farmers

Guimba agri-stakeholders pledge support to rice farmers

If Nueva Ecija is the rice granary of the country, then the town of Guimba is the “rice granary of the rice granary.” According to the data gathered by the Cooperative Enterprise of True Economic Reform (or CENTER), the biggest cooperative in Guimba, the municipality has 15,000 hectares of farmland dedicated to rice production. Ninety-nine […]