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Focus Barangays: Camarin, Bagong Silang

SE partner:

Kabuhayan sa Ganap na Kasarinlan Credit and Savings Cooperative (KCOOP)

Why are we here?

The city of Caloocan is home to Barangay Bagong Silang, the most populated barangay in the country, and adjacent Barangay Camarin, are home to many urban poor whose sources of income are primarily employment and microenterprises.


The high number of COVID cases and the implementation of strict lockdowns immediately hampered the livelihood activities of people in these communities. In 2021, the Caloocan local government unit (LGU) approached an informal coalition of development sector pillars and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including PEF, to help them address these challenges.


As part of the CSO Collab, K-Coop, and KDCI with a total of 4,000 members in the two target barangays lead the collaboration mainly through their financial (microfinance; microinsurance) and non-financial services (health, education, and training).

How do we achieve self-sustaining and resilient households in Caloocan?

Through its strong SE partner and support from LGU and other development institutions in the area, PEF aims to help urban poor households increase their livelihood back to pre-pandemic levels.


PEF will also work with other like-minded institutions to replicate successful models, and empower entrepreneurs towards sustainable and resilient livelihood.