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#StopTheSpread: Beating COVID with right information

#StopTheSpread: Beating COVID with right information

While the world is currently experiencing the worst surge of the COVID-19 disease, another battle is being fought in social media and other news outlets: “Infodemic” or pandemic of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the virus and vaccines.

Infodemic is spreading rumors, unverified videos, and fake news, making people complacent in following minimum health standards that further contribute to the rising COVID-19 cases.

To provide information to its staff and other civil society organizations, the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) organized a COVID-19 prevention webinar, #StopTheSpread, last April 23, 2021.

People need to trust the vaccines

During the webinar, Dr. Erika Villanueva-Caperonce, an infectious disease specialist, explained the importance of getting COVID-19 vaccines and compared the different vaccines developed by different pharmaceutical companies.

“Vaccines train our immune system to build protective antibodies without the harm of getting sick,” Villanueva-Caperonce said.

The doctor added that the vaccines went into a series of clinical trials, which made it safe for human use.  She also made clear that efficacies in vaccines may vary, but every dose can still help prevent severe cases of COVID.

‘Serious adverse reactions of our bodies to the vaccines such as blood clots are rare. The benefits of the vaccines far outweigh the risks of getting infected with the disease”.

Knowledge is power in this pandemic

In his message, PEF Executive Director Roberto Calingo said that it is important to stay informed.

“Necessary precautions are vital for us and our family to be protected from this virus. And the best way to stop the spread is to be equipped with facts that can reinforce our behaviors to address the current pandemic,” he said.

“As COVID-19 hits closer to home, knowledge is power.”

Watch the full COVID-19 Prevention Webinar here: