PEF supports civil society organizations such as cooperatives, people’s organizations, non-government organizations, faith-based groups and similar entities. 

PEF also actively develops and supports partnerships with registered for-profit organizations and young social entrepreneurs. PEF strongly encourages its prospective partners to involve the participation of relevant government agencies, local government units, industry players and socio-cultural decision making units in the implementation of their SE.


Focuses support for projects on the following:

  • Agricultural social enterprises, with focus on: Cacao, Coffee, Coconut, Cane Sugar
  • Basic Social Services: Water, Health, Housing, Renewable Energy
  • Culturally-Responsive Financing: Islamic/Shariah Financing
  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Relief and Rehabilitation


Develops jointly with a prospective proponent an enterprise proposal.  Proponents may submit a Letter of Intent containing a summary of the proposed enterprise, organizational capacity and structure, and how the enterprise will benefit target households.


Provides different kinds of development assistance depending on the enterprises needs and capacity such as:

  • Financing: Term loan, credit lines, joint ventures, equity partnerships and grants for non-revenue activities
  • Capacity building: Financial management, market development, business governance