PEF is Scaling up!

In its first ten years of operation, 2001 – 2010, PEF utilized the earnings of the endowment fund for projects managed by non-government or civil society organizations. These projects provided poor with access to basic social goods like clean water and renewable energy. 

PEF believes that its development work is anchored on the pursuit of self-reliance and partnership as the key to poverty reduction and sustainable growth, thus, starting in 2011, PEF shifted its vision to self – sustaining households using a Social Enterprise (SE) approach to transform poor rural households to be self-sustaining and their communities to become wealth-creating.

In its next cycle, Scale Up will be the strategic thrust of the Peace and Equity Foundation for 2016-2020, which will be accomplished thru the following strategies:

  1. Build, Model and Replicate C5 and Basic Social Service

  2. Expand Leveraging for Capability-building, Networking and Financing

  3. Intensify SE Capacity-Building

  4. Intensify Research, Knowledge Management and Advocacy

  5. Strengthen PEF Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System

  6. Build PEF Organizational Capacity

To carry out the Strategic Directions 2016-2020, PEF will seek partnerships with social entrepreneurs and organizations with working business models; mentors who are eager to share their expertise; and impact investors who are keen to work with us in building sustainable communities.

Click here to view PEF’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020.