Water taps no longer run dry in Barili, Cebu
KAWSSCO’s household consumers in Barili’s 19 barangays are now guaranteed clean and safe water that flows on tap 24/7.

Water project unites Muslim - Christian, IP communities 
The new water project is expected to benefit around 300 households composed of indigenous peoples (B’laan and Tiboli), Muslims and Christians in South Cotabato.

New water system project benefits Surigaonons
PEF and CCFPI recently handed over the new water system developed in Camoning Creek to Aras-Asan/Unidad Rural Waterworks & Sanitation Association, Inc. (AURWSA) for the benefit of the people of Cagwait. 

Quenching the Thirst: DIWAGRIMPCO’s Journey in Delivering Potable Water to Ilog Residents 
DIWAGRIMPCO acknowledges their role in promoting health of residents.