Promoting good agricultural practices to Ifugao coffee farmers
The training hopes to improve the farmers’ incomes through the adoption of sustainable practices and international quality standards to boost domestic coffee output.

Hope in HOJAP coffee
Being the second highest official of Kape Maramag women’s organization, Ms. Galendez knew by heart the beginnings of their organization.

SE partner Atokape bags Arabica Cupping Competition in Coffee Congress
Atok is located high in the Cordillera mountains. Its high elevation and well-drained soil makes Atok ideal for growing coffee. 

The Women of Kape Maramag 
PEF invests in farmers’ enterprises to bring many communities out of poverty.

When North meets South – a Learning Exchange 
At the sight of the bountiful green coffee berries, the visitors from the North who are mostly coffee growers could not believe their eyes. 

Atok Arabica Coffee Growers Marketing Cooperative: Blending opportunities and challenges
As the old generation struggles to pass on its coffee growing culture to the new generation, more people in Atok are now optimistic that producing coffee.

                Industry Study on Coffee