Working Hard for the Honey

BATAKS PERFORM ‘lambai rituals’ [that honor the] spirits of honeybees with prayers, dances, songs, and instrumental music. Tagbanuas believe that a hive is a gift to the finder by the guardians of the forest, hence offer prayers and thanks to these guardians. Nagkakaisang mga Tribu ng Palawan (United Tribes of Palawan) or Natripal is an […]

Islamic Financing: A Reality

Over a couple of years ago, Bai Wahida M. Abtahi, the soft-spoken lady who was also the president of Katiyakap, was wondering if a Shariah compliant micro-financing is possible as a project that the organization can take up.  “Sa umpisa, wala kaming alam kung papaano gagawin, pero may mga taong tumulong sa amin” (We have […]

Linking Farmers to Local and Global Markets

The demand for healthy food continues to rise globally. Products like organic rice, muscovado (raw sugar from a simple evaporation of sugarcane juice) and coconut sap sugar fill the fitness bill of health-conscious consumers. In the Philippines, 30 farmers’ associations were being supported by the Philippine Development Assistance Program (PDAP), an NGO that pioneered in […]

The Negros Block Farming Project: Building ‘bigger’ farms in Negros Occidental

Travellers across the province of Negros Occidental see hectares upon hectares of land planted to sugarcane. After all, the province is the Philippines’ top sugar producer, contributing more than half of the country’s total sugarcane production. The industry is dominated by large-scale and commercial producers. But small producers are trying out new schemes to survive […]

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