RECOVER HOPE:  A Partnership Guarantee Fund for Safe Shelter

Thousands of families living in Cagayan de Oro City were hit by severe Typhoon Sendong (international name, Washi) on December 16, 2011.  In 2012, PEF and Cordaid partnered with local NGOs for RECOVER HOPE (Rebuilding Communities through Vibrant Economic Resilience for Houses, Organization, Peace and Enterprises). PEF directly supported three non-government organizations (NGOs), as Community […]

All Sun, No Smoke

Kamanepla Multi-Purpose Cooperative sees the solar energy lamps social enterprise its social enterprise continuing to build the community by improving IN TULUNAN, Cotabato Province, nearly half of households have no access to electricity. They pay a lot for light—as much as Php350 a month for kerosene to light their homes and small businesses. What they […]

Tapping the Coconut Tree to Green the Lives of Farmers

The Philippines is the second biggest coconut producing country in the world. Yet, around 60% of this agricultural industry’s farmers, workers and their families struggle for daily survival. Francisco Rubio, founder and chief executive officer of Green Life Coco Products, Inc. (GreenLife) in Tayabas, Quezon province, knows this reality pretty well.  The son of a […]

Coco Technologies Corporation: Community nets profit

In the 1990s, the dean of a small college learned to his dismay that his region of Bicol, although rich in agricultural resources, was among the poorest places in the country. Faced with dismal statistics, Justino Arboleda, dean of the College of Agriculture in Bicol University and an agricultural engineering graduate from the Tokyo University, […]

Balancing the Brew of the Chocolate Business

Once considered a luxurious delight just for wealthy people, chocolate has become a household treat as middle class families with disposable incomes have grown in numbers. Fortunately, too, more socially-conscious entrepreneurs are veering towards more sustainable production and fair trade partnerships, thus opening opportunities for small cacao farmers and processors. Looking to fill the fair […]

Big dreams for Cacao Farmers in Davao

Chocolate is one of the world’s most exciting foods. From Central America—where the earliest settlers called the drink “bitter water” and revered cacao as a gift from the gods—chocolate as a drink and food additive has gained popularity as well as exotic appeal over the centuries and across the globe. Today, one of the world’s […]

Business to Heart

Her heart was pained after a visit to a home for abandoned and street children.  The then teenaged high school girl thought deeply, as she now relates, “I was so shaken when I got home. I prayed and asked why God allowed those kids to suffer. I asked Him what I did to deserve all […]

Working Hard for the Honey

BATAKS PERFORM ‘lambai rituals’ [that honor the] spirits of honeybees with prayers, dances, songs, and instrumental music. Tagbanuas believe that a hive is a gift to the finder by the guardians of the forest, hence offer prayers and thanks to these guardians. Nagkakaisang mga Tribu ng Palawan (United Tribes of Palawan) or Natripal is an […]

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