PEF partners showcase chocolate products at Kakao Konek 2019
The Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) and its four social enterprise partners took part in the annual Kakao Konek 2019, a gathering of cacao and chocolate producers, at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City last October 17-18.

Sweet success for cacao farmers
The inviting sweet aroma of ‘Sikwate’ or chocolate drink looks deliciously irresistible as it is slowly poured through a ‘batirol’ (a traditional wooden tool to make a chocolate drink).

San Isidro to be the cacao capital of Davao del Norte
Local agricultural players pledged to make the municipality of San Isidro become the "cacao capital of Davao del Norte" in a stakeholders forum organized by the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) 

Turning chocolate into gold
Dalareich offers the opportunity to experience the magic of a Ginto Fine Chocolate and not just eat it.

Davao declared PH Chocolate Capital
This gathering assembled local and global chocolate industry players and advocates including cacao farmers, company owners, producers, traders, and consumers.

Big dreams for Cacao Farmers in Davao 
The cooperative, with more than 100 farmer-members today, is one of Davao’s more successful farmer groups growing, processing, and marketing cacao products.

Balancing the Brew of the Chocolate Business 
Seeing that the cocoa supply could be kicked up and bring better incomes to Philippine rural farmers, Seed Core geared up to provide quality cacao seedlings to rural communities by establishing a collective network of nurseries.

Where bitter turns sweet
Her childhood memory of the small hut where she and her four siblings lived together with her parents was still vivid in the mind of Jean Salazar-de la Torre.

                Industry Study on Cacao