Learning through experience: PEF staff

Emergent Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping the staff of the Peace and Equity Foundation from learning. 

As the Foundation pivots to online remote work to ensure business continuity, staff learning and development initiatives continue to be a part of PEF’s holistic approach to improve work efficiency and productivity even at this time.

Recently, the PEF staff have undergone training with knowledge management champion Marissa Camacho, on Emergent Learning via Zoom. Ms. Camacho, a member of the PEF General Assembly and the Knowledge Management and Communications Committee, imparted that emergent learning is the process that helps a team to learn from their own work by comparing actual with intended results, and generating insights to get better results.

“Emergent learning or EL focuses on learnings that occur over multiple events, patterns in cause and effect, systemic solutions grounded on data or results, hypotheses, and articulation of next steps to apply and test those hypotheses,” Camacho said.

As learned from the training, using EL as a tool will help the staff in gathering evidence, eliciting insights and discovering opportunities for improvement or even innovation.

The introductory session was followed by another session that focused on creating insights and hypothesis using two cases: increasing income of farmers and block farming in sugar plantations.

“I think EL is truly relevant to us. We are in the process of developing our plans in the coming years. But because everything is changing due to COVID-19, we need to look deeply into the Foundation to determine where we are good at and what experiences can we carry into this hopefully new normal,” PEF Executive Director Roberto Calingo said.