Coops extend relief support to IP groups in Mindanao

According to a report from the United Nations*, COVID-19 poses a grave threat to indigenous communities throughout world. Already facing poor access to sanitation and technology, the indigenous people (IP) is one of the most vulnerable sectors in the pandemic. In Mindanao, some cooperatives have supported the IPs in lessening the impact of the pandemic […]

Inside Choco coops’ bittersweet response to pandemic

As the world celebrated Chocolate Day last July 7, the industry itself, like other consumer products was battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, because of restrictions on the supply chain after most of the countries resorted to lockdowns. In the Philippines, local producers were forced to stop or limit processing of cacao products after the declaration […]

Rory Tolentino is new PEF Vice Chair

Ma. Aurora “Rory” Tolentino was elected as the new Vice Chair of the PEF Board during the 86th board meeting on July 23, 2020. She will be filling the vacancy left by Carmencita “Carn” T. Abella until March 2022.  Ms. Tolentino was reelected as part of the Board in March 2019. She first served in […]

This cereal gives Ilocos farmers a boost in income

As an agricultural country, the Philippines is known for its rice production, which according to the 2018 data by Philippines Statistics Authority, has the highest allocation of farmland with 4.8 million hectares. Another well-known crop in the country is corn, which has the second highest allocation of farmland with 2.51 million hectares. Rice and corn […]