San Isidro farmers undergo farm practices trainings

The Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF), in partnership with Cocolink, spearheaded a series of agro-enterprise trainings in San Isidro, Davao del Norte last July 25-30, 2019 to boost farmers’ knowledge on best coconut farming practices.

Fifteen (15) farmer-members of Laak Multipurpose Cooperative (LAMPCO) learned how to make vermicast organic fertilizers with hands-on demo on setting up vermi beds and making foliar fertilizers such as fermented plant and fruit juices.

Other good agricultural practices shared to farmers include nursery management, planting density, insect and weed control, and farm safety for the workers.

Leadership workshops were also conducted to 30 cluster managers to efficiently guide their groups to better farm management.

“When farmer leaders are trained, their potential to address constraints related to their agro-enterprises are enhanced. Leaders are now engaging their members and other organizations to identify needs, resources, and opportunities. This is critical to the success and sustainability of their businesses.”, PEF Area Officer Mysol Carcueva said.

On January 2019, PEF, Cocolink, LAMPCO and the local government of San Isidro inked a memorandum of agreement to enhance farm productivity, provide production loan for farmers, and further improve the value chain in the area.