CSO leaders convene for 17th PEF General Assembly

PEF Executive Director, Roberto R. Calingo, presented to the General Assembly (GA) the Foundation’s achievements in 2018 to bring the organization to its goal of creating self-sustaining households and communities.

“We started focusing on selected communities and areas that we are working with. From 16 provinces, we shifted our focus to eight (8) areas to ensure that impacts will happen and that efforts have synergy. We create multi-income streams to improve productivity and we have to look at safety nets in areas where a commodity is threatened by market forces.

In 2018, our SE investments in priority areas totaled to PHP 58 million to support and engage more than 2,000 households, in partnership with 15 social enterprises.”

The GA was held on March 21, 2019 and was followed by a learning event on “Creating self-sustaining households through an area-focused development approach”.

Composed of civil society leaders representing local and national development networks, the 17th General Assembly was a great reminder of the foundation's commitment to its mission with renewed vigor and stronger sense of purpose.