Scoping for social enterprises in Samar

On May 10, 2018, PEF area officer Alberto P. Roslinda Jr. and SE Institute Manager Merlyn A. Francisco headed to Homonhon Island, a 3-hour boat ride from the Guiuan Eastern Samar port, to meet with calamansi growers (farmers) and local organizations engaged in calamansi processing.

The team visited Brgy. Bitaugan where calamansi farming has been a steady source of income for 130 farmers.

The estimated calamansi yield per year is 2,000-2,500 pieces for a small tree and 5,000 pieces for a big tree with the buying price of P55 for 100 pieces. The farmers sell their calamansi harvest to Island’s Best Foods (IBF), a community-based training organization in the island. IBF specializes on the value addition of calamansi fruit produced by calamansi growers in different barangays.  Apart from IBF, the farmers sell their calamansi to wet markets and traders in Guiuan island.

According to Ms. Francisco, there’s a promising opportunity for PEF to invest in this kind of enterprise given the potential high return for farmers and presence of a local social enterprise that will process and market their produce.