Hope in HOJAP coffee

On March 20, 2018, Hojap Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Hojap MPC) officially launched its partnership with the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) during Hojap MPC’s 20th General Assembly. The project hopes to increase the income of 100 farmers from coffee production and harvesting of quality beans. This coffee development project includes training on good agricultural practices for improved productivity and quality and rehabilitation and maintenance of existing coffee farms.

‘Hojap’ comes from the Ayangan term for Haliap, a barangay where the coop was organized. Haliap is one of the nine coffee producing barangays in Asipulo.

The municipality of Asipulo hosts the biggest coffee planting area in the province of Ifugao with about 1,394 hectares, which is roughly 55% of the province’s total coffee area. But while Asipulo boasts of a substantial coffee area, productivity and quality of their farms is still quite low.

PEF invests in farmers’ enterprises to bring many communities out of poverty. And in the case of Hojap MPC, to meet the quality and productivity requirements of a changing global coffee industry.