Giving space for Philippine agriculture

Around 50 percent of the world’s habitable land had already been converted to farming land, according to the World Wide Fund (WWF) Global’s report entitled, “Farming: Habitat Conversion & Loss.” Read more: Giving space for Philippine agriculture

PH cuts sugar exports to US, world market

The Philippine government decided to cut the country’s sugar exports to United States and other countries to meet domestic demand which is expected to be around 2.17 million metric tons (MMT). Read more: PH cuts sugar exports to US, world market

World Bank allots $170 million more to boost Mindanao development

A robust rural economy is expected as the World Bank approved recently additional funding of $170 million for the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) implemented under the Department of Agriculture (DA). Read more: World Bank allots $170 million more to boost Mindanao development

Making agriculture profitable and sustainable once again

For agriculture to be successful, agribusiness is critical. An agriculture commodity will not provide revenues unless it is produced and sold. Thus, an efficient supply chain from farm to table (or seed to shelf) is needed if agriculture is to become profitable and consequently, sustainable. This is what agribusiness is all about. Read more: Making agriculture […]

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