PEF approves P14M funding for coconut-based industry projects

Of the 55 approved projects of the Peace and Equity Foundation in 2017, five coconut-based industry projects made it to the list.

Coconut social enterprises – Coco Husk Innovations Inc., Amazing Foods Corporation, Cocolife Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Coco Deli Coconut Products, and Coco Technologies Corporation – received funding for sustainability of VCO production, expansion, and working capital, respectively.

Amazing Food Corporation is a family-owned, community-based company that has been producing virgin coconut oil for ten years, and has been doing research and development for other by-products that can be derived from coconut raw materials.

Currently, Amazing Foods is supplying Santa Maria products to Europe, Asia, North, and South America, Australia and to selected health stores in the Philippines including supermarket bazaars, spas, direct selling, and internet shopping.

Completing the 55 projects, please see table:

Partner Core Activity Approved amount
Coco Husk Innovations, Inc. Reviving the Coco Coir Industry in Padre Burgos  2,000,000
Cocolink (Davao Region Coconut Industry Cluster, Inc.) Cocolink (Davao Region Coconut Industry Cluster, Inc.)  150,000
Amazing Foods Corporation Sustainability of VCO Production in Sta. Maria Laguna  1,000,000
Cocolife Multi Purpose Cooperative Strategic Planning for Cocolife Scale-up and Diversification  50,000
Coco Deli Coconut Products Expansion of Small Scale Cocosugar Processing  700,000
Coco Technologies Corporation Working Capital Financing for Sustained Social Impact  10,500,000
C4 – Coffee
Rural Improvement Club (RIC) Federation of Kape Maramag Working Capital Financing for Kape Maramag  500,000
Philippine Coffee Alliance Incubating Community based Coffee Enterprise: From Soil to Cup  1,052,800
Bugkalot Casecnan Coffee Producers Cooperative Capability Building for CY 2017  50,000
Atok Arabica Coffee Growers Marketing Cooperative Availment of a higher credit line for coffee consolidation & marketing, Atok, Benguet  3,435,000
Philippine Coffee Board Inc (PCBI) 10th National Coffee Summit 2017  500,000
Joscual Trading Smallholder Coffee Farm Developemnt in Tboli, South Cotabato  298,000
C4 – Cacao
Seed Core Agro-International Corp. Financing Assistance for Cacao Production  2,000,000
Chocolate de San Isidro Working Capital assistance for cacao processing  1,000,000
Subasta Integrated Farmers MPC Cacao Bean Trading- Scale up Project  500,000
Cabinuangan Small Coconut Farmers Cooperative Linking Communities to market oppurtunities through Cacao Financing  1,500,000
Dalareich Food Products Salon Du Chocolat in Paris  47,000
C4 – Cane Sugar
Had. Malaga Cuenca Agrarian Reform Cooperative Area Expansion for Sugar Cane Block Farming  2,000,000
Occidental Negros Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative Financing Facility for Planters Association of Small Sugar Cane Farmers, Kabankalan City  5,000,000
Sub-total C4 32,282,800
Organic Options Inc. Organic Options Inc. Scale-up Plan  3,000,000
Lamac Multi Purpose Cooperative Agro Enterprise in 8 Steps Clustering Approach and Low Tunnel Rain Shelter for Cut-flower Production  80,250
Rags to Riches, Inc. R2R Purchase Order Financing  1,000,000
Global Organic and Wellness Corp. Warehouse Renovation and Asset Acquisition for Warehouse Operations  2,000,000
Cooperative Enterprise for True Economic Reform Palay Production and Processing  ( Building Rice Competitiveness, a Local Coop Initiative on a National Concern)  3,100,000
Sub-total Non C4 9,180,250
Culion Foundation, Inc. Stategic Social Enterprise Program for Patients Affected by Leprosy 267,000
Iloilo Code NGOs, Inc. Stove Plus Workshop 475,000
Impact Hub Manila The Solar Show 2017 100,000
Solar Solutions, Inc. Solar Sari-Sari Store Pilot Deployment 500,000
HIGi Consultancy Corporation Charcoal Briquette from Water Hyacinth 500,000
Clever Heat Clean Technology Solutions, Inc. Market Research and Customer Development for Heat Powered Refrigeration Solutions 500,000
Impact Hub Manila Impacthub Fellowship Program on Renewable Energy 1,000,000
Mahintana Foundation, Inc. Provision of Solar Home System 40,000,000
Culion Foundation, Inc. Hydrological Study and Water System Improvement in Culion 715,000
Kauswagan Water & Sanitation Service Cooperative Rehabilitation and Upgrading of KAWSSCO Water System 8,731,298
Sub-total BSS 52,788,298
Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia First Women’s Economic Empowerment and Social Enterprise Regional Visioning & Engagement Conference 257,250
Association of Foundations 45th Annual General Assembly 200,000
Association of Foundations Plan for a New Tomorrow (PLANT): Understanding annd defining appropriate responses to opportunities and challenges of NGO leadership transition 580,000
Teach for the Philippines, Inc. Teacher Fellows for Underserved Schools 200,000
Caucus of Development NGO Networks CODE-NGO 6th Congress and Social Development Celebration 2017 3,000,000
Sub-total GDS 4,237,250
TOTAL 98,488,598