Building support for cacao and coconut social enterprises

When Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) celebrated its 15th anniversary, PEF urged non-profit and for-profit social entrepreneurs, government, private sector, promoters and other enablers to scale up their efforts and forge stronger partnerships to build self-sufficient, self-reliant and resilient communities.

As it moves towards an area-based, community-driven approach to scale up the impact of social enterprises, PEF expands its search for solutions to address challenges faced by many SEs – from limited access to financing and inadequate technology support to undeveloped marketing channels and low levels of competitiveness – by organizing and supporting learning events that revolve around a common theme of ‘bringing opportunities for collaboration across the value chain of C4 agri-enterprises’.

Robert Calingo, PEF Executive Director, stated the foundation’s greater attention to agricultural development. “The Foundation will partner with institutions to build an enabling environment for C4 and SEs in general by supporting events focused on addressing improvements and innovations in the value chain”.

One of these was the recently concluded National Cacao Congress in Cebu City. The event, organized by the Philippine Cacao Industry Council, discussed ways to further develop the country’s cacao industry. PEF cacao partners, Dalareich Tableya, Sikwate and Healthy Sweets exhibited their products together with other local cocoa processors and input suppliers.

A week after, coconut industry players across the country convened for the 31st National Coconut Week and 4th International Coconut by the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA). PCA sought to promote and launch new coconut products, technologies, and programs, and provide opportunities for information sharing and networking.

During the event, PEF’s Omar Salvo presented the foundation’s investments in coconut-based SEs. PEF partners, GreenLife, Cocotech, Juboken, Amazing Foods and Healthy Sweets showcased their products and had the opportunity to market their merchandise and network with local and international coconut industry players.

Cacao and coconut are just two of PEF’s priority agricultural crops for social enterprise development because of its high potential to exhibit growth in scale and social impact.

By participating and supporting similar events, PEF hopes to strengthen its relationships with stakeholders across the different levels of the value chain; increase its visibility and awareness to its programs, and promote partners and proponents as social enterprises in the cacao and coconut industry.