PEF’s 5th year celebration of International Internal Audit Awareness Month

Every May, internal auditors around the world participate in this important celebration, International Audit Awareness Month, to promote the internal audit profession in the business community.

For the fifth time in a row, Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) led by the Internal Audit and Control Unit once again celebrated the occasion with this year’s theme “Internal Audit: A Trusted Partner in Scaling up Social Enterprises”.

The learning event attracted over 80 participants from social enterprise partners, internal audit practitioners, PEF and Peace and Equity Holdings (PEH) staff.

This year’s audit learning event was a good opportunity for PEF and PEH social enterprise partners to consult their audit-related concerns and issues with internal auditors.

This learning event built and strengthened PEF’s existing partnership with the internal audit practitioners through sharing of knowledge, skills, and experiences, as it also created a stronger foundation in nurturing and scaling up PEF’s social enterprise.