An e-Learning tool to help boost SEs

Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) recently attended a CMS workshop organized by one of the leading integrated cloud business and e-commerce software solutions providers, NetSuite Inc. CMS or content management system is a system that allows one to form, create, manage and maintain websites pages while operating on a single interface.

During the said workshop, three of the most vital topics like why website matters in communicating an impact via web, the exploration of the power of CMS tools and the tips and tricks on online content management and website branding and design were discussed.

According to Nicholas Geaga, PEF Sr. Social Enterprise Institute Specialist, CMS “is a very important channel that PEF partners can access. At this age were majority depend on the internet, it is very important for Social Enterprises to have an online presence”.

“With online shopping gaining ground, social enterprises can also use this for marketing their products or services’, says Merlyn Francisco, Social Enterprise Institute Manager of Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF).

PEF partners can take advantage of this tool to convey their social mission and to also to showcase and sell their products and programs.

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