C4: Optimizing the Value Chain

PEF’s emphasis on agriculture is particularly elaborated on the economic analysis of Dr. Arsenio Balisacan as used in 2011-2015 PEF Strategic Plan. It was mentioned that between 2003-2006, the percentage of poor rose despite purported economic growth and that due to a declining importance of agriculture in the national economy (as per GDP share data), […]

Midterm/Endline Impact Study of First SEs

PEF supports and enables specific projects of its SE partners to generate benefits for individuals, households, and communities. The benefits include increased sales, revenues, income and assets; and better access to basic services like water. They may spill over to non-beneficiary households and the larger community. A midterm household survey in 2015, involving the first […]

PEF SE Scale up Strategy

Excerpts from PEF partnership forum, 25 November 2016  (Roberto Calingo, PEF Executive Director) In 2011, our strategic focus shifted to social enterprises or SEs to help rural households generate income and move out of poverty. Building on proven social enterprise models, our efforts have been geared towards increasing self-sustaining households that are capable of providing for […]

A Gentle shaft of light shines on Kadtabanga through Shariah

The ex-combatants in Kadtabanga Inc. are waging another ‘war’ against poverty that they hoped will be more sustainable and long-lasting through the implementation of Shariah Financing in Mindanao. It’s not every day that one encounters a great woman Moro leader who not only commands respect and allegiance from her fellow leaders from the opposite sex, […]