BPI Foundation and PEF Expand Partnership

In the last 3 years, BPI Foundation and PEF have worked on the development of enterprise models especially among indigenous communities. PEF and BPI have continually pursued the process of growing social enterprises among the youth sector in separate efforts.

The 3 year partnership and P 10M investment combined the unique competencies and experiences of BPI Foundation (BPIF) and Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) aims to sustain the growth and nurture the entrepreneurial initiatives of entrepreneurs that seek to contribute solution to the social and economic problems of the Philippines particularly in agricultural communities.

This partnership will serve cooperatives and registered-for-profit enterprises (corporations or sole proprietors) that may provide sustainable employment and value added services to agricultural (upland and lowland) communities and coastal towns. Value added services may include market consolidation, production technologies, product designs, industrial engineering, or green technologies including renewable energy solutions.

And this collaborative effort by PEF and BPIF will pursue and scale up social enterprises for indigenous communities in the Philippines.