Coco players converge in Davao for conference

With the theme “Bridging Industries”, Cocolink 2016 launched its First Coconut Conference in July at the SMC Convention Center, Davao City.

The Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) joined more than 200 participants in the event, mostly coconut growers, exporters, traders, consolidators and farmer cooperatives from all over the country.

The conference linked together industry players by sharing best practices from production to marketing. They identified the local challenges and opportunities, which include industry development initiatives and interests and best practices in the food and non-food coconut industry.

Because of their high potential as drivers of inclusive growth, PEF saw the opportunities to grow enterprises in four crops – coconut, cacao, coffee, and cane sugar, as well as climate-smart practices, otherwise known as “C5”.

As part of its C5 Scale Up strategy, PEF is now looking forward to the possibility of designing a cluster meeting focusing on coconut industry level value chain, like the coconut industry ecosystem or pillars to resolve the challenges.

PEF’s convergence plan for the coconut industry can also be anchored on the conference resolution that seeks the full support of the Department of Agriculture in terms of capacity building; investments, trade and market development; research and development; and policy and advocacy.

The Davao Region Coconut Industry Cluster, Inc. (DRCICI) spearheaded this conference collaboration with the Philippine Coconut Authority, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture, and ACDI/VOCA.