Our Partners and Projects

Micro Finance Fund Program

[expand title="Details "]Micro-financing to remove barriers to small renewable energy technologies in rural and off-grid areas. [/expand]

FriendlyCare: Maternal Health Clinic


[expand title="Details"]Collaboration in the setting up, management and operation of Healthcare Clinics to reach out to communities and settlements without access to basic medical care at affordable and reasonable cost.[/expand]

Reinvigorating the coconut industry through partnership


[expand title="Details "]Rehabilitation of the Philippine coconut industry and enterprise development in cacao growing areas.[/expand]

Empowering IP communities through social enterprise development

[expand title="Details"]Identify possible social enterprise projects that may be developed with the IP communities, particularly capacity building, project monitoring and resource mobilization.[/expand]

Impact Hub Fellowship for Sustainable Energy Solutions


[expand title="Detials"]Competition on innovative renewable energy solutions to support entrepreneurial innovations enhancing the environmental sustainability in Philippines.[/expand]

Strengthening the Philippine Cacao Industry


[expand title="Details "]Rehabilitation of the Philippine cacao industry and enterprise development in cacao growing areas.[/expand]

Scaling Up Program for Social Enterprises for Water Services (SCALE UP-WATER)


[expand title="Details"]Development, management and provision of potable water services of selected communities in the Philippines.[/expand]

Development of an intensive and sustainable PH coffee industry


[expand title="Details "]Rehabilitation of the Philippine coffee industry and advancing enterprise development in coffee growing areas. [/expand]

A CSO-led movement to end extreme poverty by 2030


[expand title="Details "]Seek areas for partnership and complementation with other organizations in developing programs and interventions that create livelihood and employment opportunities for the poorest of the poor.[/expand]

Scaling Up! 30 in 3!   Partnership Fund for BPI Sinag and PEF

[expand title="Details "]Nurture the entrepreneurial initiatives of entrepreneurs that seek to contribute solution to the social and economic problems of the Philippines particularly in agricultural communities. [/expand]

Replicating Renewable Energy Solutions for Rural and Urban Poor Communities


[expand title="Details "]Develop the roadmap and mobilize the Solar Energy Social Enterprise (SE2) alliance.[/expand]

Philippines Cane Block Farming Program

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[expand title="Details "]Working capital for the block farming expansion and diversification of Crossing Ibos Farmers Credit Cooperative.[/expand]