PEF supports civil society organizations such as cooperatives, people’s organizations, non-government organizations, faith-based groups and similar entities. 

PEF also actively develops and supports partnerships with registered for-profit organizations and young social entrepreneurs. PEF strongly encourages its prospective partners to involve the participation of relevant government agencies, local government units, industry players and socio-cultural decision making units in the implementation of their SE.


PEF primarily supports partnerships and programs that will build, promote and scale up social enterprises, especially in the following:

  • C5 enterprises: Cacao, Coffee, Coconut, Cane Sugar and Climate-Smart Agriculture (e.g. rice, cassava, banana, etc.)
  • Basic Social Services: Health, Housing, Renewable Energy, Potable Water and Sanitation
  • Cultural-Based Financing: Islamic/Shariah Financing


Financial and business development services are the key thrusts in the development of and investment for social enterprises. PEF financing includes term loan, credit lines, joint ventures, equity partnerships and grants for non-revenue activities of the SE.

PEF also supports small projects that are in line with the Foundation’s development thrusts such as research and development, capacity building, technical support, and assistance to natural calamity situations.

In financial partnerships, a counterpart on the total project cost will be negotiated with the prospective partner. These could be in the form of cash, labor, materials, intellectual valuations, and research investments. The need for security for financial loans will be handled on per project basis.

Similarly, PEF offers an incubator space that can provide financing investments, product development, and technology assistance for early-stage and high-growth enterprises.


Prospective partners will be required to submit an Initial Project Outline (IPO) to determine the type of investment suited for the enterprise that PEF can provide. Promising IPOs will then be jointly developed with PEF and if needed, experts or mentors will also be involved.

PEF conducts due diligence in the evaluation of proposals.  The assessment include business practices, financing performance, governance, business intelligence assistance, project evaluation and monitoring.