Fostering Sunrise Industries

The ability to identify gaps in and respond to the market is key to any enterprise’s success. Global Organic and Wellness Corporation (GlowCorp)—a marketing company set up by eight farmer groups—leveraged the health benefits of commodities grown in the Philippines to become a social enterprise (SE) competing successfully in the global market for organic products. […]

SE advances environmental protection.

The Palawan NGO Network, Inc. (PNNI) shares a common vision for social justice and equitable distribution of wealth rooted in self-help and participatory democracy. It was formed in November 1991 among several mainstream non-government organizations (NGOs) and people’s organizations (POs) in Palawan to present a broader NGO consensus. It hopes to carry more weight and […]

Leveraging Partners for Growth

Financing social enterprises (SEs) is often difficult because they are considered high-risk investments. To overcome this financing obstacle, a Bicol-based SE, Juboken Technologies, leveraged its production knowhow and pool of local partners to sustain and grow its business. Juboken processes coconut husks sourced from local farmers into coconut fiber, an effective material for controlling soil […]

Propelling an NGO’s Transition to a Business Company

Healthcare in the Philippines has been criticized for being both unaffordable for and inaccessible to the poor.  This is exacerbated by the little trust that Filipinos have of existing healthcare services. Fortunately, organizations like HealthDev Integrative Clinics, Inc. (HDIC) are helping address these problems. HDIC started as a program of the HealthDev Institute (HDI), a […]