The “Poor Man’s” Sugar

FOR THE last eight years, Jessie Natan, 51, has been producing muscovado sugar in his farmyard in Laua-an town, Antique, the poorest province in western Visayas. Muscovado—the name could be from the Portuguese açúcar mascavar—is dark brown and slightly coarse. It used to be called the “poor man’s” sugar. Produced directly from sugarcane juice, it’s […]


The Negros Block Farming Project: Building ‘bigger’ farms in Negros Occidental

Travellers across the province of Negros Occidental see hectares upon hectares of land planted to sugarcane. After all, the province is the Philippines’ top sugar producer, contributing more than half of the country’s total sugarcane production. The industry is dominated by large-scale and commercial producers. But small producers are trying out new schemes to survive […]