Unang Taya, Taking Risks on SE Ideas

Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) must be able to yield full productivity of their acquired lands under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). The CARAGA Region 13 is a rice producing area compelling ARBs in this region to yield substantial increases in rice production. The Philippine Agrarian Reform Foundation for National Development Inc. (PARFUND) is a […]


Preparing for Growth

Even social enterprises (SEs) that show great growth potential fail to make the most of existing market opportunities because of their limited capacity to expand. This is particularly true for SEs in the agriculture sector. Green Life Coconut Products Philippines Inc. started as a sole proprietorship in Quezon Province in 2001, and was incorporated in […]


Every Peso Wisely Lent and Spent

For small Filipino farmers, access to financing is almost always non-existent because they are viewed by traditional creditors as high-risk. Sadly, even cooperatives, which are supposed to carry less risk as they are organized, have limited access to affordable financing sources. The Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) heavily invests in agricultural social enterprises (SEs) as […]


Weaving a better future

The Philippines has a deep and storied tradition of creating woven products, from clothing and accessories to crafts and furniture. However, demand for handmade products drastically dropped in favor of cheaper machine-produced options. This poses a threat for places in the country where culture and livelihood revolve around weaving and handicrafts. One such place is […]


From certified organic to certified success

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. For the struggling farmers in Alegria town, Cebu, it was time to do something different to succeed. And they did. Agriculture had long been the primary source of income for Alegria residents, but they faced a crisis when their traditional farm produce […]


That extra dark brown sugar sweetens lives in Antique

Farmers in Laua-an, Antique, have long relied on muscovado sugar and other agricultural products for livelihood. Yet there was hardly enough income for a decent living. In official figures, Laua-an residents are the third poorest in the province of Antique. Five out of every 10 residents are poor in this farming municipality. Laua-an Multi-Purpose Cooperative […]


Growing businesses, growing communities

Setting up your own shop and business is only the beginning. What comes next is an even bigger challenge: growth. Members of local communities in Antique know the value of having their own business, but like other regions in the country, they lack the skills in management, marketing, and enough funds to turn their dreams […]


A coastal village with no water to drink

Clean water need not be scarce for residents of this coastal village that is named after a river and lies along the shores of a great gulf. The irony is that, for years, they had no potable water nearby. Fetching water was a daily struggle for residents of Ilog town, Negros Occidental. Ilog (or river), […]


Rice farmers found help from an unlikely ally: ducks

In times of need, turn to your friends – including the feathered kind. Farming is life for most communities in the CARAGA region, and rice is the crop of choice. Nine out of every 10 farmers in this northeastern province of Mindanao are engaged in rice planting, with thousands heavily relying on this harvest as […]

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