Growing businesses, growing communities

Setting up your own shop and business is only the beginning. What comes next is an even bigger challenge: growth. Members of local communities in Antique know the value of having their own business, but like other regions in the country, they lack the skills in management, marketing, and enough funds to turn their dreams […]


A coastal village with no water to drink

Clean water need not be scarce for residents of this coastal village that is named after a river and lies along the shores of a great gulf. The irony is that, for years, they had no potable water nearby. Fetching water was a daily struggle for residents of Ilog town, Negros Occidental. Ilog (or river), […]


Rice farmers found help from an unlikely ally: ducks

In times of need, turn to your friends – including the feathered kind. Farming is life for most communities in the CARAGA region, and rice is the crop of choice. Nine out of every 10 farmers in this northeastern province of Mindanao are engaged in rice planting, with thousands heavily relying on this harvest as […]


Finding sweet success by spreading chocolate

The best way to attain a goal is by working with others who share the same dream as yours. This belief sparked the idea for a group of farmers to put up the Subasta Integrated Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Subasta) in Calinan, Davao City. With its members heavily dependent on cacao farming for their livelihood, farmers […]


Farmers went bananas – and happy about it

When the going gets tough, there’s nothing else you can do but “go bananas”. This is what residents of Magpet town in Cotabato did, and they’re just thankful they did so – literally. As revealed in statistics a few years ago, 97% of Magpet’s 1,600 households were living below the poverty line. That was almost […]


Palawan’s other secret: liquid gold

When you’re already regarded as the world’s most beautiful island, what can you do next? Easy. Become the world’s sweetest too. Wild honey has long been part of Palawan’s culture and many of its indigenous tribes are seasoned gatherers of this natural product. The original honey cultivators were the Tagbanua, Batak, and Pala’wan tribes. After […]


Life’s sweeter for sugarcane farmer

Kabankalan, where farmers are faced with poor yield and low income, could take signs from the success story of a farmer whose cane production increased by 40% with net income of PHP 33,000 by adopting the block farming approach.  Albert Domeo, a 53-year old cane sugar farmer, hails from Barangay Tapi, Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. After […]


“Is doing good, good business?”

In a learning session organized by PEF, 10 of our social enterprise partners found out that putting integrity at the core of business practices can drive growth and sustainability. The one-day workshop was held on 07 June 2018, in partnership with the Foundation for Enterprise Management Innovations, Inc.


Scoping Visit in Negros Occidental

Cane sugar farmers Benjamin de Guzman and Efren De Leon shared their successful crop diversification business model during the PEF area scoping in Kabankalan City Negros Occidental last June 2018. Mr. de Guzman and Mr. de Leon are Board Members of Occidental Negros Agrarian Reform Cooperative (ONARBCO).  

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