Atok Arabica Coffee Growers Marketing Cooperative: Blending opportunities and challenges

As the old generation struggles to pass on its coffee growing culture to the new generation, more people in Atok are now optimistic that producing coffee, despite its problems and challenges, is becoming a rewarding proposition to Atok’s indigenous population.

When North meets South – a Learning Exchange 

At the sight of the bountiful green coffee berries, the visitors from the North who are mostly coffee growers could not believe their eyes.  So amazed they were that they could not seem to grasp how coffee trees could grow so low and yet bear so much fruit.

The Women of Kape Maramag 

Being the second highest official of Kape Maramag women’s organization, Ms. Galendez knew by heart the beginnings of their organization and how, since 2012, their members have been reaping not only sure income from the bountiful harvests but also some kind of assurance for their community to continue producing the now-known coffee branding Kape Maramag.


The Asean Economic Community will establish ASEAN as a single market and production base with the goal of making ASEAN more dynamic and competitive.


The coffee industry will be facing more open market, stricter non-trait guidelines and tougher completion as it conquers the ASEAN Economic Community in the years to come.