Understanding the gap between generations

One of the most common challenges in a growing organization involves managing all kinds of people.

At the learning event organized by the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) on CSO Leadership Transition in partnership with Association of Foundations, a cross-generational sharing of lessons, challenges and perspectives by three fascinating guests from generations X and Y was the highlight of this activity.

Gen Xer Pia Paz Gan-Uygongco of Uygongco Foundation Inc. talked about her personal experience working closely with millennials. She emphasized that dealing with generation gaps need not be too challenging if there is a collective and common purpose.

Despite their different backgrounds, social entrepreneur, Jamir Ocampo of Tsaa Laya and Danica Soliman of PEF both from Gen Y, shared common views on the need for millennials to have a sense of fulfillment and opportunity for growth in their careers. As millennials, they perceive that leaders must remain open to new ideas and provide constant feedback, which they believe contribute to their own personal growth and keep them aligned with the company’s vision. According to Jamir, “everyone must avoid projecting their own expectations about work and remain open to different views based on generational attitudes”.

With the multigenerational employees in today’s workplace, organizations like PEF must be flexible to changing dynamics in leadership and management. The learning session concludes that organizations will achieve a real strategic advantage by embracing the diversity among generations to create a flexible work environment that values all people and keeps them productive, regardless of age.